You are invited to our Half Day Workshop!

As a small business owner do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you ever feel like your business is taking you along for a ride that you have no control over? Do you feel like you’re working day to day just to pay the bills? Do you need some guidance in getting to the next level?


Then you don’t want to miss our fundamental Half Day Seminars! These Half-Day Seminars were founded with the simple intent to help small business owners like yourself succeed! These monthly seminars are filled with breakthrough success strategies to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners alike develop best business practices.


We show you to how to:

Gain Traction


Gain Strategic Vision


Create and achieve goals


Create and implement core values / core competencies


Successfully implement and follow General Operating Procedures


Build Systems and Processes


Predict success with the use of Scorecards


Choose the Right Team


Encourage People Development


Apply Successful Hiring Techniques


Place the right people for the right positions


Delegate Responsibilities and tasks for optimum results


Develop Tools to establish workforce accountability and performance satisfaction


Manage your Tax and Accounting Necessities


Understand and Review your Financial Statements and Ratios


Use Financial Statements to get leverage in your business financing


Manage your Tax Compliance and Tax Planning


Develop Expense Management and Budgeting Techniques


Minimize your IRS Audit Risk


Plan for the Future to succeed in the present


Take Advantage of our Tax Packages to minimize your workload




Our seminars are specially made to help our fellow clients and all other business owners reach their maximum potential. We encourage constant monthly participation to create a business referral network of like-minded individuals that will encourage and inspire one another towards their goals. Please stop by and check out what all the fuzz is all about!


Please refer to our monthly email newsletter, "The Intentional Entrepreneur" or check out our events in our Facebook page for upcoming seminar dates. We will be holding these seminars once every month so get your tickets today!


Feel free to contact us at 1-800-504-0272 or email if you need help signing up to our email newsletter, locating our events on Facebook or getting tickets through our Eventbrite.

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