Why Are You in Business?

May 12, 2014

Good news! Tax season is over for the next six months (extensions are due on September 15th if you are S-corporation and Partnership) and October 15th for individuals.

Our staff just came back from the Partners Summit Conference and we are excited to share some insights of what we have learned!

One of the biggest takeaways was the “Golden Circle”. In the video “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, Simon Sinek explains the importance of knowing why successful companies exist and why they operate the way they do. As you know making a profit is not the “Why”, it is the result of your business operations.

It actually made us ponder, WHY is Colorado Business CPA in business?

We believe the major reason we are in business is because we have a great passion for Entrepreneurship. We truly enjoy guiding and educating entrepreneurs on how to operate their businesses, stay in compliance with tax authorities, increase profits, improve cash flow and business owners’ compensations as well as assist them in succession planning.

Our firm is all about customer satisfaction and results. Resolving IRS issues, QuickBooks software questions or when tax liability is decreased or eliminated because of the new tax strategies we implemented, we know we have accomplished the “Why” of our business vision. When our clients are happy we have achieved our goal!

Our firm operates as a small business. Therefore, we understand you, the business owner more than anyone else!

What is your WHY?

(Please watch the video to learn more on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”).

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