What to Bring to Your CPA for Your Business Tax Preparation

Colorado Business CPA, LLC

January 9, 2016

Business Owner’s 2015 Tax Return Preparation Checklist ( What to bring to your CPA)

Tax Season is here and here is a checklist that will help you to get ready for tax preparation process with Colorado Business CPA. As you know, your portals are available at Feel free to upload all your tax information (including your QB file ). If you don't know your log in, please call the office 1-800-504-0272 and we will gladly provide your log in information for you. You can reset the password once your log in is known. Please go over each item and check it accordingly to what is applicable to you. Also feel free to ask us questions on the items that are not yet applicable to your business yet.

QB file is reconciled and ready to be sent to CPA .______I use QBO( QuickBooks Online and CPA has Access)____ CPA does bookkeeping______ N/A ( I use Excel Spreadsheet)___


Portable Copy of QB file is emailed to a CPA _____Uploaded to the Portal___ MAC Users - QB copy for windows is created and uploaded to the portal or emailed to a CPA_______

 December 2015 Business bank statements, Credit Card Statements are sent to a CPA____

  Payroll Reports are sent to a CPA ________ N/A If your CPA has access to your payroll records______.

 1099s received by my business were sent to a CPA_____.

 CPA needs to create 1099s for my business _______.

 W-9s and amounts paid to vendors were provided to a CPA_________( to prepare 1099s).

 Annual sales tax and Use tax returns are filed_____Needs to be filed by CPA______

 Ending inventory balances are confirmed and sent to a CPA_____N/A we are service org.__

 A/R Aging balance is checked and confirmed__________ N/A_________

 All new furniture, equipment is recorded in QB _________(invoices attached)

 All old furniture and Equipment is taken out from QB (or needs to be taken out by a CPA).

 Personal Property tax return needs to be filed by a CPA_____ N/A_____ Client files it______

 Loan Balances are confirmed ( 1098 received) as of 12/31/15______N/A_____

 Interest in loan balance is known and calculated_______N/A_____

 Credit Cards reconciled____ N/A ( My business does not have Credit Cards)_____

 Business mileage is provided to my CPA____ N/A we use actual car expenses____

 Retirement Account Contributions were made and forms were sent to a CPA_____

 Need to discuss retirement accounts options and contributions with my CPA______

 Health Insurance premiums paid was reported on my W-2______( My Health Insurance Premiums paid )$________

 My employees do not have health insurance N/A_____ Need to discuss options with a CPA____

 I used my personal Credit Card to pay for business expenses and here are the following expenses______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Received several notices from tax agencies ( forms were sent to a CPA)_____

 Need help with filing annual report with CO State Department________

Here are my additional questions for a CPA ____________________________________________________________________________



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