New Ways to Work With Us

May 23, 2014

Introducing two new ways of working with Colorado Business CPA
Whenever, Wherever- 24/7

Many of us have already been using online services such as online banking, bill payment, credit card access and downloading all bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks software. Why not get safe and secure access to your accountant’s website as well?

Our goal is to activate all of our clients’ access to our website by June 30th 2014!

Why would you want to have access to our website?

There are several benefits:

  1. Client access serves as online safe and secure storage of your tax returns and other tax documents. That means you have access to your tax returns 24/7. You can also download a free app and have access to your tax documents from your iPhone.
  2. Clients can exchange files with us as well. For example, by sending us large QuickBooks files that cannot be sent via email due to size restrictions or security reasons.
  3. You can also send us all tax documents by downloading them to the portal. It is very easy, fast, safe and convenient. The documents will be left there for your future needs as well.
  4. Clients can download tax organizers. Starting next tax season, we will implement online tax organizers.
  5. We are in the process of utilizing payroll applications, so our clients can enter payroll information, and print checks right in the office and avoid coordinating pickup and delivery schedules.
  6. You can view and pay invoices from us online.
  7. Track your investment portfolio.
  8. View and print checks stubs and W-2s and edit W-4 information.

We believe technology can be a great tool to run business smoothly and conveniently. We are improving our processes to utilize technology to its best use and stay connected with our clients on a regular basis.

Please email us or call the office to get your safe and secure access activated.

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