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Colorado Business CPA, LLC

July 4, 2016

Dear Business Owner!

We are so excited to share our one hour seminar on tax savings strategies with you! Therefore, we are open to come to your office and present it! Please contact us if you are interested in sharing useful information provided by our CPA to the members of your organization.

Here is the summary of our seminar:

How to choose correct business entity to maximize your tax savings and minimize IRS audit risk.

Five powerful tax savings  strategies for Schedule C filers.

What are the ordinary and necessary business expenses and how to maximize them.

Working from home, but afraid to take a home office deduction? Learn how to do it correctly without getting in trouble with the IRS.

Planning your vacation? Learn how to write it off ( partially or in  full ) on you tax return.

Learn the difference between subcontractors and employees.

How to deduct medical expenses and health insurance as a business expense.

Health Care reform and how it affects your business and you individually.

IRS Hot Buttons. What tax deductions can get you in trouble with the IRS.

Minimizing taxes through establishing retirement plans in your business. Increasing net worth by saving on taxes.

Concern about IRS audit? Ten steps to decrease your IRS audit risk.

Where to start? Ten Action Steps to improve your overall business performance.

Why hire us? Because we are passionate providing you, the hardworking business owner with the education you need to improve your lifestyle, create tax saving systems in place and have a piece of mind! Please call us with your questions 1-800-504-0272 or email us at


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